A Goodbye Party For The Breasts

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I recently got a call for a pair of MoonLight Pillows from a woman in upstate New York.  This woman said “OH My God, thank you for creating these breast cancer pillows and packaging them so pretty!” She was thrilled that there was something out there that provided the comfort needed after breast cancer surgery. This customer was also thrilled that the pillow would be delivered gift wrapped in a pretty organza bag.

She told me that the school secretary was having a bi-lateral mastectomy and that she wanted to have a goodbye party for her breasts. The whole staff was participating in having this special goodbye party. They were all going to dress in pink and have a big goodbye party for the secretary’s breasts! They wanted to make sure that she had a pair of MoonLight Pillows for her comfort.

Women go through breast loss often without the obvious being spoken of. Some do it privately, sharing these tender moments with their partner or close family and maybe a friend, but some women want to share with anybody who will listen.

I admired this school staff and her willingness to acknowledge this loss, celebrate her breasts and say goodbye.

What a wonderful and poignant way to bring in a little light to such a challenging time. Kudos to that staff in upstate New York. And good luck to this woman on her breast cancer journey.

If you know someone going through breast cancer, a MoonLight Pillow is the perfect gift. These soft, soothing pillows can be ordered at www.MoonLightPillows.com

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