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Moonlight Pillows at the 2009 Think Pink Emmy Awards Style Lounge!

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All proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation www.bcrfcure.org and the Tiger Lily Foundation.  Many media outlets will be there including major magazines & TV. We’re hoping that our story can get out to the public so more women can have these soft pretty, practical, pillows during the rigors of breast cancer treatment. The event is on September 14, 2009.

KARE 11 Interview

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Mpls St.Paul Magazine

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Comfort specifically designed for breast cancer postoperative recovery.

When a friend of Nancy Lindgren’s underwent breast cancer surgery a couple of years ago, she wanted, as anyone would, to do some-thing to comfort and support her friend’s recuperation.  A spiritual counselor practicing in South Minneapolis, Lindgren decided to move “comfort and support” from the abstract to the literal.  She designed and sewed for her friend a pillow shaped, for obvious ergonomic reasons, like a crescent moon.

Her friend appreciated the pillow so much that Lindgren made more prototype versions of her “MoonLight Pillow” for the Breast Cancer Center, Fairview, where staff began handing them out to newly diagnosed patients.  “That experience really encouraged me to do it as a business,” she says.

Relying on a $10,000 inheritance she had held onto since her mother’s death ten years ago, Lindgren launched MoonLight Pillows last fall.  She outsourced the manufacturing of the pillows, not to China or Mexico, but to the Minnesota Correctional Facility-Shakopee and Project Regina, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit where newly arrived refugees are prepared for employment in a sewing factory or alterations shop.

Besides making a profit, Lindgren says, “my real goal is for every woman who goes through cancer treatment to be offered one of these pillows.  After a loved one undergoes breast cancer surgery, it’s hard to know what’s an appropriate gesture.  The MoonLight Pillow is a great gift because it really is so pretty and soft and comforting.”

With a limited advertising budget, Lindgren is relying on media coverage and word of mouth to market her pillows.  They are available in hospital gift shops, including at Park Nicollet Jane Brattain Breast Center, as well as at The Fairy Godmother at 38th and Grand Avenue in Minneapolis, and via her website, MOONLIGHTPILLOWS.COM. – Jim Leinfelder.


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