In July of 2003, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. After a lumpectomy and lymph node removal, the side of my breast was very tender. My best friend, Nancy, made a small, soft, crescent shaped pillow to tuck under my arm. It was so wonderfully comfortable and comforting!

I then had chemotherapy and radiation. Chemotherapy slammed me into menopause, which gave me extreme hot flashes. During radiation I learned that it's not good to sweat under the arm or breast because the skin that is burned could blister. Nancy made me more pillows to tuck under my breast and under my arm. This kept these areas dry and not sticking to clothes or the skin. Again, they were so soft and comforting, I took them everywhere! At night they helped me sleep comfortably.

Nancy has had these pillows made so the inside seam will not rub against either surgical or radiated areas. These are wonderful to have while healing from the treatments of breast cancer. She has worked very hard and diligently to give us the best material and shape that will give us the most comfort possible. They were born of love for a dear friend, and they continue to have that love and caring as each pillow is made. These sweet crescent moons have helped me through the most difficult time of my life. I encourage all to use them whether you have big or small or in between sized breasts. Tuck them under your arm, head or breast. And soak in the comfort that was created especially for those of us going through this journey. Blessed be.

- Valerie Blake Lower, Breast Cancer Survivor/Thriver and best friend of the creator of the MoonLight Pillows, Nancy Lindgren

Join the Journey Charity is a local non-profit breast cancer awareness organization dedicated to reaching women of all ages in the Rochester community with information about breast cancer awareness and to provide support to newly diagnosed women. Connected to the charity are the Pink Mentors who are a group of volunteers who mentor women going through the breast cancer journey.

Join The Journey Charity buys MoonLight Pillows for each woman undergoing breast cancer surgeries and treatments such as mastectomies, lumpectomies, lymph node(s) removal, radiation and chemo therapy. In Rochester, MN a Pink Ribbon Mentor volunteer gives each woman having breast cancer surgery a MoonLight Pillow on her first day post-op. The patients are met by a woman (Pink Ribbon Mentor) who has walked the arduous journey of breast cancer and knows first hand what it's like. They are given the gift of a MoonLight Pillow in a pretty organza bag and shown how to use it for positioning and comfort.

Here is what the patients have to say about the MoonLight Pillows:

I would like to thank Nancy and all at Moon Light Pillows for your kind gift. I received it at the Mayo where I had a lumpectomy done. Fortunately, the results were negative. I have kept the little pillow near me as it gives me a sense of comfort and grace.


I would not have been able to sleep without these pillows that my friend bought for me! I used them during the daytime also, and they were wonderful for resting my arms on and for support to protect the drains.


I am a five-year breast cancer survivor now. One of my favorite gifts during my treatment was the MoonLight Pillow given to me by a friend. After the lumpectomy, radiation and chemo this little pillow was a great source of comfort to me. Now I have lymphedema and have returned to using the pillow to relieve the discomfort. I love giving this piloow as a gift to a breast cancer patient because I know what a comfort it ha been to me!

Thank you, Nancy!

-Sue Ann

The Rochester Pink Mentors gave me a pillow after my double mastectomy in 2010. I got a second one because they were such a good fit and in all the right places. I still use them at night when I’m having trouble sleeping and get a restful sleep. I am recommending them for our local hospital gift shop! Thank you!!


Melinda, 2012
Four years ago, with heart failure, is when I got my MoonLight Pillow. The pillow cushioned my arm and supported me in changing my sleep position after implant surgery for a defibrillator. The constant softness under my arms eased pain from having all my ribs broken (from CPR). It then became a companion – protecting my ICD from pressure of seat belts, crowds, and exercise machines.
Then came breast cancer. I cannot imagine anyone going through breast cancer surgery without a MoonLight Pillow. Because the surgery left me with a “hole”, I sleep with my Pillow every night.
I have given a MoonLight Pillow to women when I hear that they have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have given a pillow to a friend who had shoulder rotator cuff surgery and he found this little miracle to be THE physical comfort needed.
God bless you, Nancy!

“I had a bi-lateral mastectomy so I got two and used them going home under my arms. The MoonLight Pillows are so wonderful to use. I use them all the time in the vehicle. Also on my neck for a nap as we travel. I was sore and they did the trick!!! The organza bag was so nice too. You are wonderful and thoughtful to give such a gift!

How were the pillows most beneficial to me? Too many numerous ways to list all!

“I used the pillow for my back on the plane and under my arms when I am in a chair. It was most beneficial when riding in the car, sleeping at night and napping in a chair. These little pillows were a wonderful gift! This is such a difficult time and anything of comfort makes it so much better. Thank you so much!”

“I use the MoonLight Pillow while sleeping and sitting. I use it all day and all night. Beautiful pillow!!! Can’t thank you enough. The information tag gave me other ideas that I hadn’t thought of.”

“The MoonLight Pillow gave me a lot of support for my arms… very helpful- Thank You.”

“The MoonLight Pillow provided a more restful sleep.”

“The MoonLight Pillow was very useful in the car on the long ride home to protect me from the seat belt. It was a real help when sleeping as well. This was something that I didn’t know I needed but what a great aid!! Thank you very much.”

“I’ll use the MoonLight Pillows forever on my neck and under my arms. It was a great comfort for me after my surgery. I had a 350 mile drive home. My husband drove and I found great support. I don’t know how I would have made it without them.”

“I used the MoonLight Pillow to keep my chest protected from the seat belt. Thank you very much- it is a great idea and a perfect size.”

“I used two MoonLight Pillows to make a “sleep seat.” They were also wonderful for keeping the drains away from my arms and then I used them to support my sore tail bone during long periods on my back. This was a wonderful gift! Thank you so much! I had a bilateral mastectomy and used two moons. They made my recovery so much more comfortable. Thank you, thank you thank you!!”

“I use the MoonLight Pillow in the car and sitting or laying in bed, it is the perfect size for neck support too. Because of so many lumps gone on the right side, this really relieves the pain/ stress for my right arm. How kind of you all to give them to us- thank you so much.”

“It was easy to maneuver to keep the seatbelt from being to tight. It was a bright moment in my day when I received the MoonLight Pillow. To think that someone cared enough to provide it lifted my spirits. Thank you so much.”

“I used them under both bust lines after double mastectomy. The MoonLight Pillow was most beneficial for the overall comfort of just having it. Someone really knew what I needed.   This was the best gift I’ve received. I enjoyed the comfort of placement of the pillows but more importantly the mental and emotional comfort of the MoonLight Pillow. I recommend anyone with breast cancer have one or two.”

I am a 2 year breast cancer survivor and my arm swells and gets tender from the lymphedema, especially at night . I rest my arm on the MoonLight Pillow in the evening when my arm gets tired and it really brings me a lot of comfort.”


“I recently had a mastectomy and nothing could have prepared me for the pain that I endured. Somehow holding on to this little pillow really helped pull me through.”


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