Many Uses

Solid Lavender

Solid Pink
Courage Pillow
May you find a bit of comfort and support
for your healing journey.”
-Nancy Lindgren, creator

Because Breast Cancer Hurts


Moonlight Pillows

  • Protect against post-surgical wiggles, jiggles & bounces.
  • Support, cushion & protect tender area when wearing a seatbelt.
  • Keep the incision away from other body parts.
  • Cradle post-surgical breasts and upper arms while sleeping.
  • Provide something soothing to cuddle.
  • Comfort for biopsies, lumpectomies, mastectomies, lymphedema, reductions & reconstructions.

Made for Women by Women ~ WE UNDERSTAND!

“It was easy to maneuver to keep the seatbelt from being too tight. It was a bright moment in my day when I received the Moonlight Pillow. To think that someone cared enough to provide it lifted my spirits. Thank you so much” -Sophia

“I recently had a mastectomy and nothing could have prepared me for the pain I endured. Somehow holding on to this little pillow really helped pull me through” -Marion

“Moonlight Pillows are heaven sent!” -Wanda


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