MoonLit Pool

MoonLight Pillows announces a new donation project called The MoonLit Pool. The idea is to fill the pool with pillows for those in need who might not otherwise have one. This is a community project and you are the community. You can donate money for breast cancer patients to receive a MoonLight Pillow. It is our hope to fill the MoonLit Pool with enough pillows that we can give pillows to those in need.

This is part of the “ripple” effect that Nancy has started. You too can make a ripple that will spread. Donations of $1 to $100 help to fill the pool with moon light, the moon light becomes comfort to others in need.

PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a non-profit organization, so your donations are NOT tax deductible. This is a way to have all of us buy pillows to give to those in need

Number of Pillows Given: 1


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