Breast Cancer Resources

Susan G. Komen (
Dedicated to education and research about causes, treatment, and the search for a cure.

Angel Foundation
Provides financial assistance for basic non medical living necessities for cancer patients and their families

Hope Chest
We have created a wonderful advocacy program to fund the research, early detection, treatment and hospice care of people living with breast cancer.
( is the web’s most trusted information resource for individuals who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and their families.

National Breast Cancer Foundation
The National Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission is to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and by providing mammograms for those in need.

The Social Security and Disability Resource Center ( is an informational website that provides answers to questions about how to apply for disability, how to appeal a claim in the event of a denial, how to navigate the federal system, and how to avoid certain mistakes that are commonly made by applicants. The site’s author is a former disability examiner for the social security administration.



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