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Melinda, 2012
Four years ago, with heart failure, is when I got my MoonLight Pillow. The pillow cushioned my arm and supported me in changing my sleep position after implant surgery for a defibrillator. The constant softness under my arms eased pain from having all my ribs broken (from CPR). It then became a companion – protecting my ICD from pressure of seat belts, crowds, and exercise machines.
Then came breast cancer. I cannot imagine anyone going through breast cancer surgery without a MoonLight Pillow. Because the surgery left me with a “hole”, I sleep with my Pillow every night.
I have given a MoonLight Pillow to women when I hear that they have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have given a pillow to a friend who had shoulder rotator cuff surgery and he found this little miracle to be THE physical comfort needed.
God bless you, Nancy!

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